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DOH Programs

Dental Health Program
  • To improve the quality of life of the people through the attainment of the highest possible oral health.
  • Objective: To prevent and control dental diseases and conditions like dental caries and periodontal diseases thus reducing their prevalence.

Osteoporosis Program
  • It is characterized by a decrease in bone mass and density that progresses without a symptom or pain until a fracture occurs generally in the hip, spine or wrist.
  • Objectives:
    • To increase awareness on the prevention and control of osteoporosis as a chronic debilitating condition;
    • To increase awareness by physicians and other health professionals on the screening, treatment and rehabilitation of osteoporosis;
    • To empower people with knowledge and skills to adopt healthy lifestyle in preventing the occurrence of osteoporosis.

Health Education & CO
  • Accepted activity at all levels of public health used as a means of improving the health of the people through techniques which may influence peoples thought motivation, judgment and action.
Three aspects of health education:
  • Information
  • Communication
  • Education
Sequence of steps in health education:
  • Creating awareness
  • Creating motivation
  • Decision making action

Reproductive Health
  1. Family Planning
  2. MCH & Nutrition
  3. Prevention / treatment of Reproductive Tract Infection & STD
  4. Prevention of abortion & its complication
  5. Education & counseling on sexuality & sexual health
  6. Adolescent sexual reproductive health
  7. Violence against women
  8. Men’s reproductive health (Male sexual disorder )
  9. Breast CA & other gyne problem
  10. Prevention / treatment of infertility

Older Persons Health Services
  • Participation in the celebration of Healthy National Elderly Week (Oct 1-7)
    • Lecture on healthy lifestyle for the elderly
  • Provision of drugs for the elderly (20% discount)

Guidelines for Good Nutrition
  • Nutritional Guidelines are primary recommendations to promote good health through proper nutrition.

    1. Malnutrition Rehabilitation Program
  • Targeted Food Task Force Assistance Program (TFAP)
  • Nutrition Rehabilitation Ward
  • Akbayan sa Kalusugan sa Kabataan (ASK Project)
    2. Micronutrient Supplementation Program
  • “23 in ‘93”
  • Fortified Vitamin Rice
  • “Health for More in ‘94”
  • “Buwan ng Kabataan, Pag-asa ng Bayan”
  • National Focus: National Micronutrient Day or “Araw ng Sangkap Pinoy”
Protein Energy Malnutrition
  1. Marasmus – looks like an old worried man
    • Less subcutaneous fats
  2. Kwashiorkor - a moon face child
    • With flag sign (hair changes)
Vitamin A Deficiency

Respiratory Infection Control
  • Provision of medicines
  • Consultative meetings with CARI coordinators
  • Monitoring of health facilities on the implementation of the program

Alternative Medicine
  • RA 8423
  • 23 IN 93
Herbal Medicine (LUBBY SANTA)

 Herbal Medicine USES
 Lagundi ( Vitex Negundo)
Skin diseases
 Ulasimang Bato (Peperonia Pellucida) Lowers uric acid
 Bawang ( Allium Sativum) HAT Headache and Tootache
 Bayabas ( Psidium Guajava) Anti septic, Anti-diarrheal
 Yerba Buena (Mentha Cordifolia) Rheumatism and other body aches, analgesics
 Sambong (Blumea Balsamifera) Edema, diuretics
 Akapulko Fungal infection, skin diseases
 Niog Niogan (Quisqualis Indica) Anti-helminthic
 Tsaang Gubat (Carmona Retusa) Diarrhea
 Ampalaya (Momordica Charantia) DM

Maternal- Child Care

I. Maternal Care

    1. Family Planning

        A. Spacing / Artificial Method
a. Hormonal
b. Mechanical & Barrier
c. Biologic
d. Natural

        B. Permanent (surgical/irreversible)
a. Tubal Ligation
b. Vasectomy

        C. Behavioral Method

    2. Breastfeeding

II. Child Care

    1. Under Five Care Program
    • A package of child health-related services focused to the 0-59 months old children to assure their wellness and survival
        Growth Monitoring Chart (GMC)
    • A standard tool used in health centers to record vital information related to child growth and development, to assess signs of malnutrition.
    2. Expanded Program on Immunization

        Legal Basis:
  • PD #996 – Compulsory basic
  • PP #147 – National Immunization Day
  • PP #773 – Knock out Polio Days
  • PP # 1064 – polio eradication campaign
  • PP #4 - Ligtas Tigdas month

Mental Health
  • A state of well-being where a person can realize his or her own abilities, to cope with the normal stresses of life and work productively
Components of Mental Health Program
  • Stress Management and Crisis Intervention
  • Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation of Mentally-Ill Patients
  • Special Project for Vulnerable Groups

Sentrong Sigla Movement

Aim: to promote availability of quality health services

4 pillars:
  • Quality assurance
  • Grants & technical assistance
  • Health promotion
  • Award

Community Organizing Participatory Action Research

Community Organizing
  • A continuous and sustained process of;
Participatory Action Research
  • A combination of education, research and action.
  • The purpose is the EMPOWERMENT of people
4 Phases:
  • Pre entry
  • Entry
  • Organizational Building
  • Sustenance and Strengthening

Laws Affecting CHN Implementation
  • RA 8749 - Clean Air Act (2000)
  • RA 6425 – Dangerous Drug Act: sale, administration and distribution of prohibited drugs is punishable by law
  • RA 9173
  • RA 2382 – Philippines Medical Act: define the practice of medicine in the Philippines
  • RA 1082 – Rural Health Act: employment of more physicians, nurses, midwives who will live in the rural areas to help raise the health condition.
  • RA 3573 - Reporting of Communicable Disease
  • RA 6675 – Generic Act: promotes, requires and ensures the production of an adequate supply, distribution, and use of drugs identified by their generic names.
  • RA 6365
  • RA 6758
  • RA 4703
  • RA 7305 – Magna Carta for Public Health Workers (approved by Pres. Corazon C. Aquino): aims to promote and improve the social and economic well being of health workers, their living and conditions.
  • RA 7160 – Local Government Code: responsibility for the delivery of basic services of the national government

Ms Ma. Adelaida Morong, Far Eastern University- Institute of Nursing
In-House Nursing Review