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Health Situation of the Philippines

Philippine Scenario 
  • In the past 20 years some infectious degenerative diseases are on the rise. 
  • Many Filipinos are still living in remote and hard to reach areas where it is difficult to deliver the health services they need 
  • The scarcity of doctors, nurses and midwives add to the poor health delivery system to the poor 

Vital Health Statistics 2005 
Projected Population: 
  • Male - 42,874,766 
  • Female - 42,362,147 
  • Both Sexes - 85,236,913 

Life Expectancy: 
  • Female - 70 yrs. old 
  • Male - 64 yrs. Old 

Leading Causes of Morbidity 
  • Most of the top ten leading causes of morbidity are communicable disease 
  • These include the diarrhea, pneumonia, bronchitis, influenza, TB, malaria and varicella 
  • Leading non CD are heart problem, HPN, accidents and malignant neoplasms 

Leading Causes of Mortality 
  • The top 10 leading causes of mortality are due to non CD 
  • Diseases of the heart and vascular system are the 2 most common causes of deaths. 
  • Pneumonia, PTB and diarrheal diseases consistently remain the 10 leading causes of deaths. 

Ms Ma. Adelaida Morong, Far Eastern University- Institute of Nursing 
In-House Nursing Review