Healthy Diet Tips for Nurses

Most of the nurses do not have enough time to think, prepare, strategize, schedule or even buy their own food because of the busy and erratic working schedules. To live healthier and have a balanced diet, here are some tips for you..

You may want to master the grocery store.

When you know where the healthy food sections are, try to drag your feet into it. Go straight ahead to the produce section and select enough lettuce and fresh veggies to make a salad enough to last for a week. Experts say that it’s advisable to avoid the center aisles, which contain all the processed foods you may want to avoid.

You may want to prepare your snack at work.

Yes, you may find this tip very tedious but if you manage to prepare your snack before going to work, say before you go to sleep for the next work schedule and then just grab the snack you made before taking off. This way, you know the calories and snack that you intake.

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You may want to lessen your dinner out as well..

You may cook out on Sunday or on your rest day from work. Try to roast a bunch of chicken, grill some veggies, big servings for these healthy dishes and you can enjoy the leftovers for the next few days.

You may want to buy a fancy water bottle.

Instead of buying a lot of plastic bottles, you may want to try this. This way, you are also helping Mother Nature. Also remember that busy people often neglected drinking water and hydrate properly, so be conscious and start buying your personalized water bottle.

You may want to avoid beverage calories.

Yes, a lot of nurses are in a way guilty of this. Studies show that around 400 calories a day is consumed in liquid form. And these include soda, flavored drinks like iced tea, energy drinks, juices, and others. Try to drink more water or have shakes, with low calories. This way, you’ll be amazed for the pounds you’ll lose by avoiding these beverages.

These are just simple tips how to have a healthier food diet for busy person like nurse.