Why is it Cool to Date Nurses?

Nurses are like ordinary people who also wanted to have good and long lasting relationships. The working schedule might be crazy, which could be a reason why nurses find it hard to date, but there are things you should know, why it is cool and hot to date a nurse…

A nurse makes a comfortable living, goal-oriented, as well as future-focused. These are true, these are positive qualities to potential mates seeking for serious and long-term relationships.

A nurse is non-arguably hardworking. Yes, we do work hard to get the degrees and licensure and work hard at work every day as well. Consider this, relationships need a serious dose of elbow greases to be successful and long-lasting, right? So, if you are with a nurse, you may expect him/her to put in some of that extra effort to make the relationship work.

A nurse has the following characteristics: compassionate, good listener, understanding and patient. Being a nurse requires us to be patient listeners. With this, we know that dating and building a good relationship requires patience, understanding and good listening skills, right?

A nurse keeps his/her cool. Yes, since nurses deal with life and death situations on a daily basis and we tend to handle everyday stressors and strains, we do not freak out easily and always keep our cool on some bad issues or situations. We can even have a good humor on those situations.

And lastly, a nurse is cool to date because… we are cool just like that!

We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly involving the human body and nothing, I mean nothing really surprises, shocks, or disgusts us! And more importantly, we tend not to laugh anymore about anomalies with any human body.

Everyone should be proud if he/she is dating a nurse!

image courtesy of:top-nursing-programs.com

image courtesy of:top-nursing-programs.com