Department of Health (DOH) Philippines

  • Health for all Filipinos
  • Ensure accessibility & quality of health care to improve the quality of life of all Filipinos, especially the poor.
National Objectives
  1. Improve the general health status of the population (reduce infant mortality rate, reduce child morality rate, reduce maternal mortality rate, reduce total fertility rate, increase life expectancy & the quality of life years).
  2. Reduce morbidity, mortality, disability & complications from Diarrheas, Pneumonias, Tuberculosis, Dengue, Intestinal Parasitism, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Hepatitis B, Accident & Injuries, Dental Caries & Periodontal Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma & Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases, Nephritis & Chronic Kidney Diseases, Mental Disorders, Protein Energy Malnutrition, and Iron Deficiency Anemia & Obesity.
  3. Eliminate the ff. diseases as public health problems:
    1. Schistosomiasis
    2. Malaria
    3. Filariasis
    4. Leprosy
    5. Rabies
    6. Measles
    7. Tetanus
    8. Diphtheria & Pertussis
    9. Vitamin A Deficiency & Iodine Deficiency Disorders
  4. Eradicate Poliomyelitis
  5. Promote healthy lifestyle through healthy diet & nutrition, physical activity & fitness, personal hygiene, mental health & less stressful life & prevent violent & risk-taking behaviors.
  6. Promote the health & nutrition of families & special populations through child, adolescent & youth, adult health, women’s health, health of older persons, health of indigenous people, health of migrant workers and health of different disabled persons and of the rural & urban poor.
  7. Promote environmental health and sustainable development through the promotion and maintenance of healthy homes, schools, workplaces, establishments and communities’ towns and cities.
Basic Principles to Achieve Improvement in Health
  1. Universal access to basic health services must be ensured.
  2. The health and nutrition of vulnerable groups must be prioritized.
  3. The epidemiological shift from infection to degenerative diseases must be managed.
  4. The performance of the health sector must be enhanced.
Primary Strategies to Achieve Goals
  1. Increasing investment for Primary Health Care.
  2. Development of national standards and objectives for health.
  3. Assurance of health care.
  4. Support to the local system development.
  5. Support for frontline health workers.