Health Care Delivery System

  • The totality of all policies, facilities, equipments, products, human resources and services which address the health needs problems and concerns of the people. It is large, complex, multi-level and multi-disciplinary.
Health Sectors
  • Government Sectors
  • Non Government Sectors
  • Private Sectors
Department of Health
  • Vision: Health for all by year 2000 ands Health in the Hands of the People by 2020
  • Mission: In partnership with the people, provide equity, quality and access to health care esp. the marginalized
5 Major Functions:
    1. Ensure equal access to basic health services
    2. Ensure formulation of national policies for proper division of labor and proper coordination of operations among the government agency jurisdictions
    3. Ensure a minimum level of implementation nationwide of services regarded as public health goods
    4. Plan and establish arrangements for the public health systems to achieve economies of scale
    5. Maintain a medium of regulations and standards to protect consumers and guide providers
Primary Strategies to Achieve Health Goals
  • Support for health goal
  • Assurance of health care
  • Increasing investment for PHC
  • Development of National Standard
Milestone in Health Care Delivery System
  • RA 1082 – RHU Act
  • RA 1891 – Strengthen Health Services
  • PD 568 – Restructuring HCDS
  • RA 7160 – LGU Code

Ms Ma. Adelaida Morong, Far Eastern University- Institute of Nursing 
In-House Nursing Review