History of Community Health Nursing

Date Event


  • Act # 157 (Board of Health of the Philippines); Act # 309 (Provincial and Municipal Boards of Health) were created.


  • Board of Health was abolished; functions were transferred to the Bureau of Health.


  • Act # 2156 or Fajardo Act created the Sanitary Divisions, the forerunners of present MHOs; male nurses performs the functions of doctors


  • Act # 2808 (Nurses Law was created) – Carmen del Rosario, 1st Filipino Nurse supervisor under Bureau of Health

Oct. 22, 1922

  • Filipino Nurses Organization (Philippine Nurses’ Organization) was organized.


  • Zamboanga General Hospital School of Nursing & Baguio General Hospital were established; other government schools of nursing were organized several years after.


  • 1st Nursing convention was held


  • Manila Health Department was created.


  • Dr. Mariano Icasiano became the first city health officer; Office of Nursing was created through the effort of Vicenta Ponce (chief nurse) and Rosario Ordiz (assistant chief nurse)

Dec. 8, 1941

  • Victims of World War II were treated by the nurses of Manila.

July 1942

  • Nursing Office was created; Dr. Eusebio Aguilar helped in the release of 31 Filipino nurses in Bilibid Prison as prisoners of war by the Japanese.

Feb. 1946

  • Number of nurses decreased from 556 – 308.


  • First training center of the Bureau of Health was organized by the Pasay City Health Department. Trinidad Gomez, Marcela Gabatin, Costancia Tuazon, Ms. Bugarin, Ms. Ramos, and Zenaida Nisce composed the training staff.


  • Rural Health Demonstration and Training Center was created.


  • The first 81 rural health units were organized.


  • RA 1891 amended some sections of RA 1082 and created the eight categories of rural health unit causing an increase in the demand for the community health personnel.


  • Division of Nursing was abolished (RA 977) and Reorganization Act (EO 288)


  • Annie Sand organized the National League of Nurses of DOH.


  • Zenaida Nisce became the nursing program supervisor and consultant on the six special diseases (TB, leprosy, V.D., cancer, filariasis, and mental health illness).


  • Scope of responsibility of nurses and midwives became wider due to restructuring of the health care delivery system.


  • The need for Rural Health Practice Program was implemented.

1990- 1992

  • Local Government Code of 1991 (RA 7160)


  • Office of Nursing did not materialize in spite of persistent recommendation of the officers, board members, and advisers of the National League of Nurses Inc.

Jan. 1999

  • Nelia Hizon was positioned as the nursing adviser at the Office of Public Health Services through Department Order # 29.

May 24, 1999

  • EO # 102, which redirects the functions and operations of DOH, was signed by former President Joseph Estrada.