Laws Affecting Public Health and Practice of CHN

R.A. 7160 – or the Local Government Code
  • This involves the devolution of powers, functions and responsibilities to the local government both rural & urban. The Code aims to transform local government units into self-reliant communities and active partners in the attainment of national goals thru’ a more responsive and accountable local government structure instituted thru’ a system of decentralization. Hence, each province, city and municipality has a LOCAL HEALTH BOARD (LHB) which is mandated to propose annual budgetary allocations for the operation and maintenance of their own health facilities.
Composition of LHB
Provincial Level
  1. Governor- chair
  2. Provincial Health Officer – vice chairman
  3. Chairman, Committee on Health of Sangguniang Panlalawigan
  4. DOH representative
  5. NGO representative
City and Municipal Level
  1. Mayor – chair
  2. MHO – vice chair
  3. Chairman, Committee on Health of Sangguniang Bayan
  4. DOH representative
  5. NGO representative
Effective Local Health System Depends on:
  1. The LGU’s financial capability
  2. A dynamic and responsive political leadership
  3. Community empowerment
R.A. 2382 – Philippine Medical Act.
  • This act defines the practice of medicine in the country.
R.A. 1082 – Rural Health Act.
  • It created the 1st 81 Rural Health Units.
  • amended by RA 1891; more physicians, dentists, nurses, midwives and sanitary inspectors will live in the rural areas where they are assigned in order to raise the health conditions of barrio people ,hence help decrease the high incidence of preventable diseases
R.A. 6425 – Dangerous Drugs Act
  • It stipulates that the sale, administration, delivery, distribution and transportation of prohibited drugs is punishable by law.
R.A. 9165 – the new Dangerous Drug Act of 2002
P.D. No. 651
  • Requires that all health workers shall identify and encourage the registration of all births within 30 days following delivery.
P.D. No. 996
  • Requires the compulsory immunization of all children below 8 yrs. of age against the 6 childhood immunizable diseases.
P.D. No. 825
  • Provides penalty for improper disposal of garbage.
R.A. 8749 – Clean Air Act of 2000
P.D. No. 856 – Code on Sanitation
  • It provides for the control of all factors in man’s environment that affect health including the quality of water, food, milk, insects, animal carriers, transmitters of disease, sanitary and recreation facilities, noise, pollution and control of nuisance
R.A 6758
  • Standardizes the salary of government employees including the nursing personnel.
R.A. 6675 – Generics Act of 1988
  • Which promotes, requires and ensures the production of an adequate supply, distribution, use and acceptance of drugs and medicines identified by their generic name.
R.A. 6713 – Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Public Officials and Employees
  • It is the policy of the state to promote high standards of ethics in public office. Public officials and employees shall at all times be accountable to the people and shall discharges their duties with utmost responsibility, integrity, competence and loyalty, act with patriotism and justice, lead modest lives uphold public interest over personal interest.
R.A. 7305 – Magna Carta for Public Health Workers
  • This act aims: to promote and improve the social and economic well-being of health workers, their living and working conditions and terms of employment; to develop their skills and capabilities in order that they will be more responsive and better equipped to deliver health projects and programs; and to encourage those with proper qualifications and excellent abilities to join and remain in government service.
R.A. 8423
  • Created the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care.
P.D. No. 965
  • Requires applicants for marriage license to receive instructions on family planning and responsible parenthood.
P.D. NO. 79
  • Defines, objectives, duties and functions of POPCOM
RA 4073
  • advocates home treatment for leprosy
Letter of Instruction No. 949
  • legal basis of PHC dated OCT. 19, 1979
  • promotes development of health programs on the community level
RA 3573
  • requires reporting of all cases of communicable diseases and administration of prophylaxis
Ministry Circular No. 2 of 1986
  • includes AIDS as notifiable disease
R.A. 7875 – National Health Insurance Act
R.A. 7432 – Senior Citizens Act
R. A. 7719 – National Blood Services Act
R.A. 8172 – Salt Iodization Act (ASIN LAW)
R.A. 7277- Magna Carta for PWD’s
  • provides their rehabilitation, self development and self-reliance and integration into the mainstream of society
A. O. No. 2005-0014- National Policies on Infant and Young Child Feeding:
  1. All newborns be breastfeed within 1 hr after birth
  2. Infants be exclusively breastfeed for 6 months.
  3. Infants be given timely, adequate and safe complementary foods
  4. Breastfeeding be continued up to 2 years and beyond
EO 51- Phil. Code of Marketing of Breast milk Substitutes

R.A. – 7600 – Rooming In and Breastfeeding Act of 1992

R.A. 8976- Food Fortification Law

R.A. 8980

  • promulgates a comprehensive policy and a national system for ECCD
A.O. No. 2006- 0015
  • defines the Implementing guidelines on Hepatitis B Immunization for Infants
R.A. 7846
  • mandates Compulsory Hepatitis B Immunization among infants and children less than 8 yrs old
R.A. 2029
  • mandates Liver Cancer and Hepatitis B Awareness Month Act (February)
A.O. No. 2006-0012
  • specifies the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of E.O. 51 or Milk Code, Relevant International Agreements, Penalizing Violations thereof and for other purposes