Interesting Pastimes in the Nursing Home


What’s it like to be in the nursing home? What are the activities residents and the health care providers do to keep them lively and vibrant?

Nursing homes are places where skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services are given to the elderly and children who are developmentally and/or mentally disabled. They help caring for individuals who suffering from some illnesses, injury and or with functional disability. Nursing homes likewise can be centers for those who need help of drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation. These facilities can be a part of a hospital or a retirement community.

Nursing homes are places where individuals can get back to their health and wellness and many of them are mostly designed for the elderly and disabled children. These facilities commonly have permanent residents and have staff that will look after them 24/7.

In nursing homes, residents tent to become weary, depressed or bored following the day-to-day activities. In here, everyone should take part in every recreational activity to refresh the mind and body. Otherwise, if there is nothing to stimulate the mind and body, the patient is more likely to get into depression. The nursing staff such as nurses and healthcare providers also get bored with their daily schedule thus needs some motivation to care for the residents.nursing homes

Here are some pastimes the staff can facilitate with their patients in the Nursing Home…

Celebrations such as birthdays and holidays are some of the most interesting activities you can do in the nursing home. The staff can keep a track of the birthdays during the month and celebrate birthdays along with all the staff and residents. Also, the family and friends of the person celebrating the birthday can help participate and suggest birthday party ideas. On holidays, the staff can arrange a small party and get together for the residents especially for those who are away from their families and friends.

Games and Outdoor Activities are also fun to have in a nursing home. The staff can think of a game that anyone can join and participate. This would stimulate one’s mind and also a good way for the residents to interact with each other. Games such as cards, bingo, board games, chess and among others are some of the interesting games a staff can facilitate in a nursing home. Outdoor activities are not just good for the mind but also for the body for residents can have a fresh air and make them see and enjoy the nature and sight-seeing. The staff can facilitate basketball or volleyball or any safe and interesting outdoor games anyone can enjoy.

Trips outside the nursing home are also a good refresher for everyone. The staff can arrange a trip once or twice a year that the residents can look forward to. Trips can be expensive but staff can ask families and friends and find other resources/donation to cover for the trips’ expenses.

Gardening or Clubs inside the nursing home are also activities that can be done. A book club is highly possible since many people want to sit back and enjoy a good book. Clubs can be an avenue as well for the residents to interact and make peers with other residents. Gardening is also one of the most popular activities in the nursing home. This is an activity where residents can have a chance to grow their favorite flowering plants and vegetables. It is easy to maintain this activity for they only need small garden or even pots for them.

These are just some of the many interesting activities the staff and residents can do in a nursing home. These will keep them lively and vibrant and will make their stay in the nursing home more enjoyable.

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