5Ps in Nursing


It is the determination to excel for excellence and is a very important component in nursing as well as in any other profession. In fact, it is a very helpful character of a person to succeed in life; one’s perseverance will define one’s future. Nursing, being a career and a profession, entails a lot of hard work and it would only take a person with perseverance to succeed on this job.


A good nurse must have a good people skills or patient skills to be excellent on his job. As a nurse, your job is to explain, pacify and treat patients and their families, who are stressed with their medical condition. It would really help if the nurse can communicate well with his patients. Moreover, someone with good people skills with his co-workers would define his character and competence in his profession.


Being a nurse entails critical thinking on many circumstances especially during emergencies. A nurse should know his protocol and priorities while executing his job. Being able to identify the priority is a sign of a well-organized, functional and efficient worker.


A unique character that is significant in the nursing profession is one’s patience. A nurse should be patient with all the duties he is assigned to. Since it involves dealing with different types of people, a nurse should be patient enough while conversing with the patient and their families, doctors, co-workers, among others.


This is one of the most important characters that a nurse should have. One needs to have a passion in this job to be able to succeed. If you do not have compassion, nursing and caring for the patients, you will never become a good nurse. Passion is the only thing that will keep you from this tough job; that would make you feel happy, contented and fulfilled at the end of the day.