Teamwork: Main ingredient in the Nursing Profession

With teamwork, the work is accomplished faster.

The charge nurse is the one who leads the team and also responsible for designating fixed duties to each member of the team. The delegation of responsibility ensures that each shift is handled efficiently, effectively and on time. Since every team member knows his/her own duty, there is no room for confusion or waiting for someone else to do the job of the other. Moreover, teamwork ensures that the nursing staff work as one unit, and treat the night shifters with the same way for the day shifters (urgency and priority). This way, the work from the morning shift does not pile onto the nurses managing the night shift and vice-versa. Team building is a big part of working within a hospital and any company that needs teamwork to work. If you are curious about team building activities, might want to visit this site for more information.

With teamwork, there is better communication.

If the staff feels to be part of a team, it enables the nurses to communicate better and discuss their problems openly. The staff can compare each others’ notes, evaluate the health status of patients, discuss the changes in medication, signs of improvement or deterioration, among others. These team meetings need not be restricted among nurses only but also involving physicians, hospitalists, and hospital management as well. Nurses are trained to explain the condition of patients in detail and in broader terms. Physicians on the other hand, are trained to come straight to the point and require quick feedback about a patient’s health status. This difference in the nurse-physician communication can be resolved through team interactions to ease the flow of communication and introduce more quality treatment as far as patients are concerned.

With teamwork, patients are given priority.

There are times when some team members do not agree on some things and/or do not like each other. With teamwork, personal ambitions or insecurities do not come in the way of providing the best possible healthcare to patients. With respect to a team leader and the teamwork itself, the safety and well-being of patients need to be given priority over all other matters and interpersonal disputes.