Confidence: The Nurse’s Vital Character


Because of the increasing enrolees, students and graduates of nursing, it is deemed that many students now are more pressured to perform their best in schools. The market is quite stiff for them because more and more nurses are there in the market, waiting to land a job. Thus, nursing education especially in the country is highly competitive. As more graduates are there in nursing, there will come a moment when they will have doubts about their abilities and the choices they made especially to this highly competitive market. So, just like everybody else, a person sometimes lack confidence and doubt oneself and one’s capabilities especially if the person does not perform excellently in his academics.

Confidence The Nurse’s Vital Character

One of the nurse’s vital characteristics and should take into great consideration while having one’s nursing education and the aftermath is confidence: or the character of believing in one’s self. Just like every student, leaving the school and facing the job market is quite overwhelming. Facing a new environment and exploring the unknown is normally unnerving. The reason for this feeling is because one may not have enough confidence with his abilities and capabilities. One should know how to defeat this feeling and be confident with whom you are and what you want in your life and where you want to go in your nursing professional.

It must be clear that confidence is not about bragging about one’s status or boasting about one’s position. It is about one’s personal perception about one’s own capabilities and applying them to his advantage if necessary. If a nurse’s believe his own capabilities whether in school or work, then everything will follow. Positive perception on one’s self is vital to one’s success. This does not mean that nothing bad or hardships will happen on your way. There will absolutely be hard times and tough decisions in life; there will always be situations where one would feel unsure; but if one is armed with confidence, all these challenges would be much easier to face.

Nurses should practice believing in themselves because this profession requires a lot of decision-making; and they are about smart and confident decisions. There will be a lot of trials and challenges that will come their way and not just about surviving nursing education and unreasonable professors. In nursing, it is a matter of how they can handle everyday challenges and the daily situations that are waiting for them when they face the real world.

The everyday burden in nursing school like exams, midterm, finals, simulation classes are nothing compared to the things they may encounter in the real world. In the nursing profession, nurses will face never ending trials and may face tougher times. Not to scare the young nurses but in the real world, these obstacles and trials are their trophies to become “experienced and committed” in the nursing profession. Thus, confidence or believing in one’s self is just one of the tools into this never ending and ever changing nursing profession.

Step out there and you will be amused on how confidence definitely works in the real world.

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