How to Enjoy Nursing School


Once you enter nursing school, you are quite determined to become a nurse and that you have an idea on the duties and responsibilities of what a nurse is expected to do in this profession. Making this decision is significant especially that you would be spending years to graduate and complete all the courses. Being a nurse involves daily routine of assisting patients, taking charts, and witnessing matters of life and death; that is why being a nurse and going to a nursing school is a big step towards your future profession.

It is true that having a nursing degree requires a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance. As a student, you would encounter difficulties in your exams, trainings, interns even from your cranky professors. Nursing education is indeed a challenge for all those who are taking up ASN basics or BSN nurse even for second coursers looking to advance their careers.

How to Enjoy Nursing School

In this light, we include some Tips on how to enjoy and overcome challenges in nursing education.

First, learn how to take notes. For every student, this is a basic thing to remember. Unless you have a photographic memory, you have to take down notes during lectures, lessons and even duties. A lot of information will be processed by your brain such as medical terms, diseases and illnesses, symptoms, treatment and medication etc. It would be easier for you to remember and memorize things if you have notes. For four years’ worth of lessons, it is impossible to remember all these if you do not write it down.

Having personal notes would definitely help you review not only for exams every semester but especially when you take your board exams.

It may sound obvious but another important thing to remember is taking care of your health. You will not survive nursing school if you always miss your classes because you do not feel well and/or always tardy. As early as entering nursing school you have to learn the discipline of getting right sleep, eating your breakfast and learning to have a schedule of your daily tasks. In this way, when you become a nurse, it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to finish nursing school requirements at any working day. Health and discipline are two vital components in surviving nursing school and life in general.

Listening to your teachers is another one. Sharing your teacher’s, mentor’s or even trainer’s experiences in the nursing field serve as their testimonials and life lessons especially in the nursing profession. Also, you can ask them any questions pertinent to your lessons even if they may sometimes seem unapproachable. Think of them not just your mentors but also friends in the academics. They are well-experienced and credible sources of information and advices. If you have clarification about your lessons, do not be hesitant to ask them. In this way, you will get the clarification/answer that you need. Many times, teachers learn from their students as well so it is better to have a good communication between the two.

Last thing is letting it flow and just enjoy the ride. Everybody knows that schooling requires hard work nevertheless, it is also fun. You can build friendships, groups and good works in school. When exams or trainings are over, you can always do something fun with your schoolmates. Learn to have fun.


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