List of Alternative Careers for Nurses

A lot of us tend to become bored of our current work and want to try other career and adventure. For nurses, here is the list of alternative careers that you may consider when you become bored of routine hospital work.  😛

You can become a Medical Writer.

medical writer

As nurses have deep knowledge about the medical science, one can write, edit or proofread technical materials. Such materials are published on various websites, are required for medical research, training and education, communication, sales and marketing, and for various purposes.

It is kind of laid-back job and one can choose from various available options such as medical writer, medical proofreader, medical copy editor, medical researcher, medical editor, editorial assistant, and managing editor. Likewise, one can work as a freelance writer while working as a nurse also. In the world of internet, one can also venture into contributing or freelance medical writers and/or if one is a tech savvy, can put up a website or blogs for nurses and other medical stuff.

You can be a Flight Nurse.

flight nurse

If you are one of those who want adventure and tired of routine hospital stuff, one can pursue a dream of traveling the world by becoming a flight nurse. A flight nurse is defined and expected to assist in the emergency and non-emergency air transfer of injured or ill patients. At the same time, medical escort services are offered by various health care organizations, private and public transport companies, and the military. Being a flight nurse is challenging as well as physically demanding job. One might need extra certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and/or Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification (PALS).

You can teach.

college professor

One can also become a college professor and always work in nursing school after achieving a master’s degree or the required qualification. One can teach nursing subjects in the classrooms or train students in the clinical setting. Some colleges allow pursuing a master’s degree while teaching. This can be a respectful job and one might also get some free time to pursue your hobbies.

You can Put up your Own Business.


If you are one of those who are entrepreneurs by heart and want to manage your own time, then you can use your experience in specialized medical field to start your own business. This is best for those who have developed good contacts in various hospitals; you can start your own medical agency and you can supply medicines and surgical instruments to the hospitals. This is one of the good alternative careers for nurses who have good communication skills. If you are not ready for financial risk, you can also work as a medical representative of a company. Nursing is a noble profession and a satisfying one. Yet, for those who want alternative careers, may this article be helpful in giving you other interesting and challenging job options. These careers also offer job satisfaction along with great salaries and perks.  😉