Essential Accessories for Nurses

Scrubs/Comfy Shoes

This is the uniform and the basic garment for nurses. The design of Scrubs may vary according to work setting. Today, most female nurses no longer wear the traditional all-white dress. It is also important to wear comfortable shoes as nurses are always on their feet for most of their shift.


One of the most important accessories nurses should have is a watch (make sure it is working right) —to calculate patient’s pulse and other vitals. It may be useful to have a watch which tells military (24-hour) time. It may also be useful if the watch is waterproof as nurses do always wash their hands more often.
nurse watch

Okay, all nurses need to have a high-quality stethoscope to check their patient’s blood pressure and other vital signs. You can have a good quality stethoscope with affordable price (around or less than $100). It is also advisable that it is engraved or put an ID tag in case it is lost.


Charts among Others

Well, this is the most important thing nurses need to fill out and should have in handy. Some hospitals even require charts to be filled in more than one color ink; so in this case, colored pens are very useful and should come in handy. Other tools and accessories that nurses should have include a calculator, a Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) or other drug handbook.

Meanwhile, essential tools for patient care may include penlight for checking eyes (pupils), scissors for cutting bandages, blood pressure cuff and a gait belt to help patients walk. These tools are often sold in one pack available for nurses or for beginners.



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