Be Prepared in Taking NCLEX-RN Test

In 50 states of the United States of America and Canada, for someone to be able to work as a certified nurse, one must take and pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). This is a standardized test that measures one’s eligibility to become an entry-level nurse.

For those aspiring to take one, here are some tips to prepare you in taking that exam.

One must know the steps and be prepared before taking the NCLEX-RN. The first thing to do is, download the Test Plan for the next testing date at the National Council of State Boards of Nursing official website. This will guide you on the scope, as well as the content of the examination. One will also be prepared here and will be able to glance the organization of the test.

nclexThe framework for the NCLEX exam includes major categories; which will be further subdivided into subcategories. Each subcategory has equivalent percentage that will make up your test.

Always remember that you may want to download the latest Test Plan available on the NCSBN website as the framework for the exam changes for each exam date. This also means that the percentage of what content areas are tested changes.

Different people have different styles of reviewing for an exam. This also goes for taking a test such as NCLEX. You may want to practice NCLEX questions by yourself and/or you can also enroll in review classes. You may find different schools and review centers that offer this. You may also study and review study guides and review materials you find online. These are mostly useful.

It is important for any review to have a structured review plan. You may want to start by developing your own study plan and schedule. The tip here is to allocate enough study time for test practice on a regular basis, ideally every day. Also, it is important that you distinguish your areas of weakness and practice more into these areas.

Another tip is to gather all the NCLEX practice materials, questionnaires and cases you will need to study. Find time to purchase review books aside from your journals, textbooks and online researches. A lot of tips and applications are available for free online. You’d be surprised how helpful these could be on your review. Just make sure that you have a structured plan on reviewing all your materials, from books to journals, and online materials.

The most important tip is to make sure to stick to your NCLEX-RN practice plan. Always be focused and make it a habit to do at least one thing every day. It is important that you know how you push yourself into that direction of getting a passing score. Focused Focused ..Focused…

Lastly, try a mock test and do it regularly, say once a week. With this, you can practice taking it like a real exam with the time pressure and subject-based. In here, you will know your areas of weaknesses that you need to develop and practice more. This is one of the best tips in taking any major exam.

Reminder: On your examination day, do not forget to bring your authorization to test form as well as your valid IDs. Also research on your designated testing center and try to locate it ahead of time, especially if you are not familiar with the location. Always be on time or better yet arrive earlier that the call time, for you to have enough time to compose yourself, relax, meditate and take that special exam.

And, be confident and PRAY! 🙂