5 Careers with Competitive and High Paying Entry Level

For those who are thinking of a good career which pays higher than the expected salaries, then you might want to check this one. This is to give you an idea on what are the careers that offer high paying entry levels.


For aspiring nurses, this is good news. Aside from the fact that nurses are one of the in demand jobs around the globe, they also expect higher paying entry lever compared to other careers. A registered nursing degree obtainable in two years or a bachelor’s degree in nursing from any nursing school can propel you into a career of nursing, where the entry-level jobs can top $63,000 annually.


Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales managers are the ones whose jobs are to organize, motivate and lead sales teams in a wide range of sectors. This could be in the fields of pharmaceuticals, fast-moving consumer goods and finance. Many sales and marketing managers are paid commission over the usual salaries as they direct and coordinate the sales of goods and services for business. The entry-level positions can pay as much as $80,000 annually that includes the salary and commission.

Physical Therapist

Like nurses, another career in the field of healthcare that has high paying entry level is physical therapy. They are greatly in demand in clinics, hospitals, as well as in private offices. Their job is to work towards rehabilitating and treating the injured and disabled. Also, they deal with the post surgical patients. Physical therapy jobs can earn about $60,000 in a year, given that a degree from an accredited physical therapy school is obtained.

Education Administrators

They are the ones who work at school district headquarters, helping define curriculum and teaching methods. The entry-level salary for this job is as much as $80,000 annually. The only drawback is that you need to have a Masters in education administration as a requirement, which would take you around eight years to complete.

High School Teachers

For high school teachers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts entry-level at $31,000 annually, on an average. However, the salaries for the teachers also vary based on the subjects they teach. So, a high school teacher, teaching an in-demand subject with a shortage of applicants in a pricey school district, can even have a salary of up to $60,000. Of course, a qualification to teach at any school requires a teaching degree, as well as the state’s teacher certification.