Affordable Travel Vacations for Nurses

For nurses and other professionals out there, who would want to plot their annual leave vacations and spend the time somewhere else, away from the busy city and indulge for lavish vacations, we got a list for you to visit this year.

In travel industry, the trick is the more you know the better travel deals you grasp. For 2013, here are some travel ideas that can enable you to enjoy your holidays, leaves and destinations that were once out of your reach.


Due to the present political turbulence and instability, tourism is quite reduced here. Tourists often opt for other countries, like Asia. Consequently, the holiday prices have now fallen down by 15%. The establishments like hotels and restaurants in Greece have removed their heavy price tags to attract many tourists.

The islands are safe and you can get a direct air fare to such destinations. There is a little price increase in direct air service to such destinations. In here, you can check online where to get an attractive spot for holidays like in Crete, Greece. For their currency, against the US dollar, Euro has fallen at the lowest level of the last 16months this year. Because of this, it made the value of destinations for many tourists here cheaper and this trend is expected to continue in 2013.


This country is known for its majestic temples, musky cuisine, great beaches and shallow seas. For tourists, you are offered to enjoy the beach parties, mount the sea cliffs of Krabi and dive with whale sharks in Ko tao and other offer destinations. Thailand is known also to have a low cost of leaving compared if you travel in other countries like in Europe. Their currency exchange rate for the Thailand Baht is around 31 Bahts to the US dollars, and this trend remains for 2013.


It is a good destination for beach lovers for it has 450 beaches that interlace with the desert or with the jungle. High energy Guadalajara nightclub even gives a chance to show your twerky dancing through the night. Moreover, many 5 star hotels and resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya have lowered their rates to attract more tourists. With this, you can enjoy the same luxury as in Caribbean or Hawaii but with a lot affordable prices. Do not be easily persuaded to drug war that has been publicized because such bad thing is far away from travelling spots.

The currency rates against US dollars have been significantly weaker and inflation rate is lower, so your purchasing power here would be quite higher.


Another country in Asia, where you can find magnificent beaches like in Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, to name other islands. The country is known for its tourist friendly and hospitable locals. The place is also often publicized with danger form terrorist groups, but the danger zones are way far from tourist destinations. The Peso currency compared to US dollar is a lot lower so again the purchasing power of tourists here are quite higher.

The list can go on and you can always check online for affordable and cheaper travel destinations every now and then. Nevertheless, this list will give you a starter on your bucket list of cheap travel destinations for your holidays and vacations leaves.