For the Newly Graduate Nurses: Writing your Resume

Just like any other profession, nurses after graduating from a BSN program would opt to apply for a nursing position. And just like any fresh graduate, this is usually what new BSN graduates do all over the country. Everyone is nervously waiting what is in store for their future after finishing school.
For the Newly Graduate Nurses
The first step in making a nursing career is of course-writing your Resume. This is not just a usual paper that you write in school; this piece of paper is your initial way to create your future. A lot would wonder what to put in your nursing resume since you are a new graduate.

In writing your resume, you need not to forget to include your Basic Information. This is definitely needed so that your future employer will be able to contact you. It is important to note that you to put this down for other official documents that you need to sign in case you are hired for a nursing position. You also have to double check all the information that you will put in this section are correct, updated and verified. It is more likely that you will be called for an interview so make sure that the contact numbers are correct, working and available.
Since this would be your first job, your prospective employer would not expect much on your nursing experiences. So, another section that needs to be presented in the resume is your relevant experiences and school activities you have attended. It is important to list down your accomplishments or tasks done during your days in school that is relevant on nursing. Examples may be volunteer works as well as seminars you have attended relating to nursing. With this, you can show your prospective employer how you participate and serious about your chosen profession. Note that you are ready to make short explanations of the activities such as the nature of it and your function as a volunteer or participant.

Finally, and may give you the edge to land for the job, is the reference. These are the people that will make testimonials for you and would give them idea about your work ethics, your personality and your perseverance. You may include your professors or people you did volunteer work for. Note that before you put your references’ names and contact numbers, you already asked for their permission. Therefore, it is very important that you had a good relationship with the people you encounter and have dealt with during your nursing school especially in your volunteers, seminars, trainings and interns.

These are the basic steps in writing your resume; it may be hard and tedious at first but it will get smoother. Again, writing your resume is your first step in making your future. It is here that you may show to your future employer who you are as a prospective employee. This is where you can show your competence and commitment to your nursing profession; your written advertisement of yourself so make sure that you are able to deliver everything that you put in there; thus, it must be true and verifiable.

On top of this, one must also remember to check not just the content but also the grammar and spelling of your resume, it should be free from any corrections. Employers if not the Human Resource person will take a look at your resume meticulously so you have to be very careful. Sometimes when they feel that you are sloppy to send a curriculum vitae (CV) that has a lot of errors, they may liken it to you making errors on the job as well. So be diligent and show them that you are worth getting the job!