Define Hospital Management

Hospital Management is a term very broad in scope and may be defined from different aspects. It mainly relates to management of all aspects of a hospital; a coordination of all elements of a hospital. This may range from patient care to record keeping to inventory of medicines and cleanliness. To be able to become a hospital management professional requires taking care of each and every element of the hospital.

Define Hospital Management

Attributes of Hospital Management

In every health care setting, including hospitals, health centers and clinics; coordination is the soul of hospital management. However, in the hospital setting, having such advanced technology in health care facilities; a host of facilities and features need to be integrated and synchronized, thus requires a strict coordination. Advanced technology is an important factor in the hospital facility and functions.

Another attribute of hospital management is the specialties and sub-specialties in which many sub-categories are specializations themselves. There will be different persons handling each area or department of the hospital like a person skilled in intensive care will be assigned to take care only of this department while a person skilled in inventory management will be the sole in-charge of medical supplies; an actual way from which most hospitals function. With this, a management professional need to be trained to handle each of these areas and puts the knowledge and skill into actual practice.

Meanwhile, the role of healthcare professionals as being versatile is important factor in hospital management. During their academic internships and trainings, most of hospital management professionals have exposures to all these functions. Functions and works in the hospital are usually rotated as well as shuffled. They usually carry out functions within the allotted department for a fixed period of time, after which they are shifted to other areas. So over the duration of an entire career, a hospital management professional would have been trained and worked in just about every area of management. Also, hospital management administrators, members and staff work with strict rules of accountability. Efficiency is a must in which all the various functions in the hospital have to be carried out very smoothly. Although technology plays a big part to help these professionals in a few areas; they also need to be resourceful and intuitively on many instances, even without the help of technology. Examples are through care and public relations with the patients as well as suppliers. It is the human element that is need with these kinds of function and relations.

Finally, and the most important attribute of hospital management is a strong backend or ensuring that all aspects of the hospital are kept up-to-date. This is probably the most important requirement of hospital management. If the hospital has to appear to be a healthcare entity in which everything is spic and span; the primary responsibility for ensuring this belongs to those in charge of management. Just as how the true test of the effectiveness of technology is in how less invasive it is for the user; in hospital management too, there should be no external trace of the work that has gone inside.


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