Interesting Hobbies for Nurses

Everyone needs a hobby, something that gets your mind off the daily grind, like a therapy. Even the busiest persons need one, as well as nurses. Here are some interesting hobbies for nurses given their busy and crazy schedules. These can be worked into small moments during the day or are good for multitasking, but still offer a sense of relaxation, and change.

Play games

With the latest technology, you can now play games on mobile phones, tablets that you can carry outside the house. Aside from online games, you can do traditional games like playing some board games or card games with your friends and family during long break or day off from duty. It could be fun at the same time therapeutic.

Solve a daily puzzle

This is something you can do on spare time, like a cross-word or brain-teaser can be a perfect 5-minute distraction to get your mind working. A sense of achievement when you solve it is worth-savoring. You can do this while you eat your breakfast or before going to work or even during your spare time inside the hospital and you need a 1-2minute break from stress. The Best part of all is you will see your skill grow as you practice.

Try new foods

This is perfect for a nurse like you because every health worker loves to eat anything, literally. Since you love to eat, why not let discovering new and interesting foods be part one of your hobbies. It will give you something to search for, discover, enjoy, and share. Food is also at some point a regular topic at work because everyone likes to talk about food! Now you can tell your co-workers, friends and family about the to-die-for coffee or cake you discovered rather than drone on about your work.

Try something extreme

Nursing is a stressful job even at the best of times so why not try something that is extreme to completely forget about your job. Hobbies like skydiving or motorbiking can be a good way to let go of stress and they’re easier to start than you think! You can simply look up your closest skydiving centre or buy a motorbike on trusted sites, don’t worry about transport to you either as you can look up “bike transport UK” and find options to have the bike shipped to you.

A new joke each day

This hobby is so easy and accessible nowadays because finding new jokes is just a click away. As what they say, laughter is great for relaxation. There are actually lots of websites which can email you a daily joke. A great way to start your day out with a smile, right? Plus, you can share these jokes with your co-workers to start the day right and bright.


Maybe one of the most functional hobbies is exercise. Any form of exercise is good and it releases endorphins in your body that will actually increase your energy and enhance your mood so it is well worth devoting a little time to get physical. It can even be done with a group of nurses instead of an individual thing, a local hospital near us has started tennis lessons in San Francisco. After all, with the job like nursing that is very stressful, this may be a vital hobby for you to make time for, not only for your happiness but most importantly, for your health.