Tips to Be Confident During Job Interviews

Almost everyone especially those who do not have any job interview experience yet are nervous on his/her couple of first’s interview. We know that it is our make or break opportunity to land for the job, whether in the health care or other industry. We can actually lessen the tension and nervousness if we are ready of we prepared for it. Here are some tips to stay calm and avoid tension during an interview.

You maintaining your calm and composure when you are being bombarded with questions is definitely not easy, but for those who manage to keep their cool and answer questions without fumbling, are successful.

They say, the fundamental characteristic of any interview is its unpredictability. One can never predict accurately the questions that he/she is going to face. This fact triggers nervousness and makes one restless.

For a lot of people, facing interviews is a challenge; however, some people find it very soothing and their strength. Now if you are one of the first mentioned then this is a good article for you.

Be Prepared and Confident

Be prepared before one goes for the job interview. So the question maybe is how can someone ever be fully prepared for an interview, when the questions in an interview cannot be predicted? Well, in this situation, only you (interviewee) is the best judge here, if you think that you are prepared, this will give you the confidence to face the interview. And once you have the confidence, you will not hesitate to answer the questions and when you do not hesitate, you stay calm, right?

Try deep breathing before answering the question

Well, there is no argument that spontaneity is good, but if the interviewee may tend to make invalid points, and when he says irrelevant things the interviewer will have an unpleasant expression on his face. Therefore, if he notices such an expression, he will lose his cool and confidence and become restless. So the tip is, before he answers any question, try to take a deep breath through his nose. This will give adequate oxygen supply to the brain, and will also give him time to frame his answers. The key here is, composing your answers before saying them; this will help you to keep their relevance intact.

Just Be Yourself and Believe in Yourself

Take note that someone is being interviewed so that the interviewer or employer can understand one’s true personality. So if someone pretends to be someone else during the interview, then he will be under constant stress while trying to suppress his true character. Meanwhile, if he let being himself, then he will be more relaxed. So, it is recommended to behave in the way one normally does. However, some interviews may be followed by a Berke Pre Employment Assessment and this is normally in order to see which candidates would fit into a team of people the best. There is no need to worry about these kinds of tests, they are normally questions about what you would do in a certain situation.


Believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you made this far and can surely move ahead and achieve your goal. When one person has complete faith in his abilities, he will have the confidence to face any challenging situation and this will keep him calm and composed.

Be aware and check Posture

One’s posture during the interview is a clear indication of one’s level of confidence. They say they changing a posture continuously is a sign of restlessness. So it is important that one must maintain a correct posture throughout the interview, so he/she will feel more relaxed. So, one tip is to settle into a comfortable posture within a few minutes into one’s interview. By comfortable, this does not mean that you slouch! See that one’s posture enhances one’s confidence.

Acceptance on what will be the result

Bear in mind that this interview is not the end of one’s life and one will surely find more opportunities in the future, even if he unfortunately missed out on this one. Do not put too much pressure on oneself even if something goes wrong at a certain point in your interview. Reassure yourself that you will do better in the remaining interviews. This mind set will help you to maintain your composure.

These are just some tips to help an interviewee ease the tension during any job interviews. If you do manage to secure yourself a job – well done! Remember, if you live in Australia, you’ll probably have to have a police check australia before you start, so bare this in mind. It is good to note that every individual is unique and has his own unique outlet and ways of easing nervousness and tension. Just use something that will work for you!