Salary and Qualifications of Certified Nursing Assistants

Like with other medical professions, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) have a shortage in the health sector. With this, many of the CNAs find themselves over worked or under staff. On the other hand, with the shortage of CNA professionals comes an opportunity for them as far as salaries are concerned.

To date, CNAs earnings may range from $ 20,000 up to $30,000 annually. Their per hour ranges from $8 to $14. Salaries vary according to their experience on the job and the state in which they are working. In the United States, states like Texas has the lowest and in states like California has the highest.

To become one of the CNAs, educational qualifications and requirements may also vary from state to state. Some may only require for a high school diploma to enter the profession.

According to the Central government, a CNA needs to have 75 hours of training and additional 16 hours of medical training supervised by medical authorities. There are a number of medical/educational institutions which offer such training like certain schools, colleges, universities, among other institutions. After undertaking this training, a test has to be passed by the applicant, following which the certification is provided.

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Meanwhile, there are instances where certificate is provided only for working in a particular state. In such a case to work in other states, a person has to apply for reciprocity.

Many applicants from different states and even from all over the country opt to apply for the job. For interested applicants, you may find this interesting as we discussed the opportunities, as well as the ways on how to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Many of CNAs find this profession very rewarding for they are given the opportunity to take good care for other people, especially those who are really in need.

This profession is also a way and a stepping stone to becoming a registered nurse in the future, many of whom persevere in further studies and getting the degree of a registered nurse.