A Game-Changing App to Master Medical Terminology

We are proud to announce that the Medical Findings App is now available in the App store. Here is the quick link to try now: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1517353437  

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Medical findings is a word game that enhances your medical vocabulary. It is the most fun way especially for us nurses to learn, discover, or refresh medical terminologies. It covers dynamic topics like:
  • Root Words, Prefix & Suffix
  • Medical Abbreviations
  • Anatomy and Physiology (All systems)
  • Diseases identification
  • Pharmacology
  • Clinical nursing skills
  • Medical instruments & devices
  • And much more.
The App meticulously integrates the power of medical word games and daily medical tip notification to achieve optimal learning while having fun. Each question was carefully handpicked & researched by our team to ensure we deliver the accuracy and reliability for each medical information. Also, lots of questions that are continuously added to be played, learned, shared, and be reminded.

Pro tip: Allow notification right after downloading the app.


Notification in action.

To make it convenient and enjoyable for players, the game includes flexible letter gameplay. We have included the revert button, shuffle button, and tapping of letters to navigate back and forth of the panel. We also designed it into user-friendly UI navigation and customizable settings & support (you can turn off Sound, Music, and Vibrations). We also included customer support that you can access in settings should you have questions or suggestions. If you want to share the question, we created Ask a Friend button where you can share unsolved puzzles on Facebook, messenger, or SMS to get your friends to help you with the right answer!   Goodluck Nurses! Happy playing!!