Cancer as a Public Health Concern

Studies show an increase in cancer incidence around the world. The top sites for women include breast, cervix, uteri, and lung. On the other hand, top sites for men include lung, liver, colon/rectum, and prostate.

With the continuous rise in cases and numbers, it is deemed important to spread cancer awareness and information to keep the numbers from going up.

Although health organizations from around the world continue the advocacy on cancer awareness campaigns, which happen yearly, it is always vital to continue awareness initiatives as new information is constantly available as research and cancer studies continue.

In addition to awareness, safe and effective cancer care and treatments are also vital information that should be shared. While knowledge of the disease is spreading it is also important to remind patients of how to treat the disease in the safest and most effective way possible.

Health sectors from both private and government sectors continue the quest to arm the public with as much information on cancer and its awareness as possible. Yet, prevention is the ultimate goal. All societies continuously put up campaigns for cancer prevention and control around the world. However, if it can’t be achieved then it is important to get proper and safe treatment as early as possible.

Several medical and technological advances have been made in cancer research and treatment and as a result more people are surviving cancer. These include innovative cancer medicines backed by clinical trials, targeted and biologic therapies, personalized health care, proper and accurate diagnosis, new complementary tests, multidisciplinary treatment, and side-effect management. All of these have resulted in more people surviving cancer.

The main goal in cancer management and treatment is still education and knowing the facts. The more patients are empowered with the facts, the more they can make educated decisions with their doctors on the right course of safe and effective treatment.