Ways to be Fit and Healthy

A lot of us have problems how to lose weight and drop some pounds. Some even opt for technology to lose weight, attend seminars or even buy books on what diet is best for us to lose some weight.

Well, let me share to you simple tips that you may know or heard of before but is still the best tips on how to lose weight and at the same time, keeps you healthy and fit.

Change your lifestyle.

Yes, this is so familiar. Even with all the gym and crash diets, there will come a time that you will just surrender and be back to your regular habit of eating sweets, salt etc. The better way is to swap the all or nothing approach on your diet to one or two healthy switch-ups in your daily routine. By doing this, you may lose more weight that you ever imagined.
healthyAnother example of changing your lifestyle is your habit of eating out or dining in a restaurant. While some of us eat out up to 5-9 times a week, try to cut it to just one and see how you may drop some pounds in just a month. At the same time, you save more money for this!

Cut the Salt.

By cutting the sodium intake, you will spare yourself from having health problems in the future, as well as lose some weight. Stop buying junk foods and chips while doing your grocery. If every time you grave for chips and need to walk to buy it to the nearest store, this would eventually lessen your cravings.

Heavy breakfast.

Well, while some skip breakfast and eventually have heavy lunch, “merienda” and dinner, why not try to have heavy breakfast? Eating about 300 calories of healthy mix of protein and whole grains will keep your hunger down so you tend to have fewer snacks throughout the day. In month’s time, you will eventually see the drop in your weight.


You cannot do good without running your butt off. Exercise is still the best tip when it comes to losing weight and being fit. Running, swimming or any form of exercise will do. Do it at least 20 minutes a day, and you will definitely see the difference.

You can never go wrong with these simple ways of long weight and being fit.