Herbal Medicine (Bayabas)

Bayabas / Guava (Psidium Guajava L.)
  • A tree about 4- 5 meters high with tiny flowers with round or oval fruits that are eaten raw. Propagated through seeds.
Parts utilized:
  • leaves
  • For washing wounds- may be used twice a day.
  • For diarrhea- may be taken 3-4 twice a day.
  • As gargle and to relieve toothache. Warm decoction is used for gargle. Freshly pounded leaves are used for toothache. Guava leaves are to be washed well and chopped. Boil for 15 minutes at low fire. Do not cover pot. Cool and strain before use.

Sources: Cuevas, Francis Public Health Nursing in the Philippines. 10th Edition 2007