Nursing Procedures in the Community

Clinic Visit
  • process of checking the client’s health condition in a medical clinic
Home Visit
  • a professional face to face contact made by the nurse with a patient or the family to provide necessary health care activities and to further attain the objectives of the agency
Bag Technique
  • a tool making of the public health bag through which the nurse during the home visit can perform nursing procedures with ease and deftness saving time and effort with the end in view of rendering effective
Thermometer Technique
  • to assess the client’s health condition through body temperature reading
Nursing Care in the Home
  • giving to the individual patient the nursing care required by his/her specific illness or trauma to help him/her reach a level of functioning at which he/she can maintain himself/herself or die peacefully in dignity
Isolation Technique in the Home
  1. Separating the articles used by a client with communicable disease to prevent the spread of infection:
  2. Frequent washing and airing of beddings and other articles and disinfections of room
  3. Wearing a protective gown, to be used only within the room of the sick member
  4. Discarding properly all nasal and throat discharges of any member sick with communicable disease
  5. Burning all soiled articles if could be or contaminated articles be boiled first in water 30 minutes before laundering
Intravenous Therapy
  • Insertion of a needle or catheter into a vein to provide medication and fluids based on physician’s written prescription
  • can be done only by nurses accredited by ANSAP