Management of a Child with an Ear Problem

Classification of Ear Infection
  1. Mastoiditis – tender swelling behind the ear (in infants, swelling may be above the ear)
    •  Treatment 
      1. Antibiotics
      2. Surgical intervention
  2. Acute Ear Infection – pus draining from the ear for less than 2 weeks, ear pain, red, immobile ear drum  (Acute Otitis Media)
    • Treatment 
      1. Cotrimoxazole,Amoxycillin,or Ampicillin
      2. Dry the ear by wicking
  3. Chronic Ear Infection – pus draining from the ear for more than 2 weeks (Chronic Otitis Media)
    • Treatment 
      1. Most important & effective treatment: Keep the ear dry by wicking.
      2. Paracetamol maybe given for pain or high fever.
      3. Precautions for a child with a draining ear:
        • Do not leave anything in the ear such as cotton, wool between wicking treatments.
        • Do not put oil or any other fluid into the ear.
        • Do not let the child go swimming or get water in the ear.