Incorporating Medication into Volumetric Chamber

  1. Verify the written M.D. prescription and follow hospital policy on drug.
  2. Observe 10 Golden Rules in the administration of medication when preparing and administering doctor’s prescription.
  3. Explain procedures to patient (especially the medicine and its action) and check IV site. Verify for skin test of the drug before IV incorporation.
  4. Do hand hygiene before and after procedure. Never forget the importance of hand washing.
  5. Prepare the necessary materials for the procedure. This may include the right drug, right dose, and right diluents needed, IV injection tray, syringes and needles.
  6. Check present IV fluid label, level and incorporated medicine in the Volumetric Chamber or IV bottle if with incorporated medicine, check for the drug-drug incompatibility and if the on-going IV fluid in the Volumetric Chamber is to be consumed in 6-8 hours, request a prescription and keep the whole set sterile for succeeding doses.
  7. Aspirate prepared right drug with correct dose.
  8. Add desired IVF diluents into volumetric chamber by opening the sliding clamp from the bottle then close the clamp.
  9. Disinfect rubber injection port of the volumetric chamber and incorporate the drug. Mix gently
  10. Open the clamp of the airway at the volumetric chamber and incorporate the drug. Mix it again gently
  11. Regulate the flow rate of IV infusion accordingly.
  12. Place IVF label on volumetric chamber indicating drug incorporated and flow rate.
  13. Reassure/monitor patient when incorporated medicine is consumed; clamp airway of volumetric chamber, add IVF and regulate flow rate of main IVF as prescribed.
  14. Discard the waste according to Health Care Waste Management.
  15. Document in the patient’s chart.