Chronic Bronchitis vs. Emphysema


Signs and Symptoms

Chronic Bronchitis (Blue Bloater) Emphysema (Pink Puffer)
Chronic, productive cough Dyspnea
Purulent sputum Minimal cough
Hemoptysis Increased minute ventilation
Mild dyspnea initially Pink skin, Pursed-lip breathing
Cyanosis (due to hypoxemia) Accessory muscle use
Peripheral edema (due to cor pulmonale) Cachexia
Crackles, wheezes Hyperinflation, barrel chest
Prolonged expiration Decreased breath sounds
Obese Tachypnea


Chronic Bronchitis (Blue Bloater) Emphysema (Pink Puffer)
Secondary polycythemia vera due to hypoxemia. Pneumothorax due to bullae
Pulmonary hypertension due to reactive vasoconstriction from hypoxemia  Weight loss due to work of breathing
Cor pulmonale from chronic pulmonary hypertension