Barriers to Health Care

In the health sector arena, there are some barriers to basic healthcare. The most prominent barriers are financial constraints, language barrier, and inadequate knowledge about the system. Various studies have revealed that millions of people experience difficulty or delays in getting necessary medical attention because of these barriers.Ā  šŸ˜›

It can be cultural


Cultural barriers are primarily related in terms of social, linguistic, and religious issues. Social and religious taboos within particular cultures (like other countries) do hold back many females from approaching a gynecologist for problems related to their sexual health.

Linguistic differences, in the United States, wherein a large section of immigrants could not speak English, are a big problem and barrier for health care professionals. Rapid increase in the number of immigrants in the here and other developed regions, only means that these cultural differences will worsen with time if not addressed.

It can be geographical
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The urban-rural division is the most prominent factor in this case. Most of healthcare providers if given a choice would choose to work in the urban areas. By this, thereā€™s a shortage of staff in the rural medical centers. On the other hand, some cities have become agglomerations of medical institutions, but the patient base to which it caters is not to be seen in the radius of miles around it.

It can be socioeconomic

Socioeconomic barriers are like improper education, lack of knowledge, inability of the patient to pay the fees, lack of health insurance, and other such aspects. There are a large number of people who are uninsured which makes medical practitioners be hesitant in taking up their cases. Meanwhile, due to lack of education and knowledge, these people could not avail of the affordable health insurance option that is keeping them back from opting for insurance. Some of these barriers can also be traced to the urban-rural division, with a substantial economic disparity between the two.

socioeconomic barriers

These are just some of the major barriers that societies face in the healthcare industry. Irrespective of whether only one or more of these barriers are prominent, the result is bound to be improper health care being provided in the society. With this, the call to action is on the administration to make sure that such barriers are curbed, and health care, which is a basic necessity, is being provided fairly.