Imparting Critical Thinking in Nursing Students

What is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is the process of logical reasoning for a particular task or situation; it is also being able to to make the decision in the most justified manner. Critical thinking involves a person to be judicious, rational, honest and disciplined.

Significance in Nursing

In nursing, teaching the aspirant students of critical thinking has been effective in shaping them into skilled nurses of the highest order. For nurses, critical thinking should come automatically because its is an important factor in providing nursing services.critical thinking

Having or incorporating critical thinking in a person is not as easy as learning a formula and applying it for generalizations. There are no generalizations, each and every aspect of analyzing various scenarios is different.

As student of nursing, one must focus on critical thinking exercises such as its significance,the value of honesty, fairness, logic, clarity and precision.

While undergoing in nursing, it is given an emphasis to the critical thinking skills of the students. There are modules in which exposes them to critical thinking games. There are also problem solving exercises, and other critical thinking activities. Moreover, there are courses and modules available for existing nurses too, to undergo a training in critical thinking. Like in critical thinking exercises for children, these modules include value analysis exercises, brain teasers, brain boosters, logic puzzles and other logical reasoning activities.

Critical thinking exercises for nursing students should develop disciplined process, intuitive analysis, as well as enhanced skilled performance. All of these contribute to quality client care. Becoming a nurse requires one must know about thinking like a nurse. Therefor em this is a requirement and one must include the concept of nursing, ideas, intellectualism and skills required to be a nurse.