Diabetes Urine Test – Benedict’s Method


Using the urine specimen in a community health setting can be beneficial in determining the sugar level. This is done using the Benedict’s Method for those with history of diabetes.

  • Benedict’s qualities reagent
  • Test tube
  • Alcohol lamp
  • Droppers (2pieces)
  • Urine (Early morning, mid stream flow)
  • Match
  1. Place the paper lining clean side out on a table or any clean, flat surface away from the client.
  2. Spread the plastic lining over the paper lining, clean side in.
  3. Place the bag in the area away from the client, tucking handles beneath the bag.
  4. Open the bag; take out soap in dish, towel and apron.
  5. Do thorough hand washing. Dry hands, place soap/dish and towel near the bag.
  6. Put on apron, right side out.
  7. Take out the kidney basin and place 3 CB with alcohol.
  8. Take out 2 droppers, a test tube and holder, and place these in the kidney basin. Take out the alcohol lamp, match .Benedict’s sol’n and place them on the work area.
  9. Place the waste receptacle at one corner of the work area.
  10. Light the lamp.
  11. Place 6-8 drops of urine in the test tube.
  12. Add 3-5 ml. Of Benedict’s sol’n  to the urine
    • Used droppers should be placed near the waste receptacle.
  13. Pass the test tube with mixture over the flame, mouth of the TT should be away from you and the client.
  14. Remove from flame and stand for one minute. Put off flame.
  15. Interpret:Benedicts-Test
    • Clean blue to marked cloudygreen———–negative
    • Bluish green—————————————-+
    • Yellowish green————————————++
    • Yellow————————————————-+++
    • Orange————————————————++++
  16. Wash the TT, TT holder and droppers with soap and water. Drain,place them in the work area.
  17. Disinfect the kidney basin, TT, TT holder  and droppers with 3 pieces of CR with alcohol, Discard 2CB. Place  the articles inside the kidney basin(Save the last CB with alcohol)
  18. With one CB with alcohol, disinfect the lamp and the plastic lining.
  19. Discard the waste receptacle.
  20. Do thorough hand washing. Dry Hands with the towel.
  21. Return all articles in their proper places in the bag.
  22. Remove apron away from the body, folding contaminated part in. Place over the flaps of the bag.
  23. Fold the plastic lining contaminated part in. Place over the flaps of the bag.
  24. Hold the bag with one hand, and with the other hand fold the paper lining , contaminated part in. Place over the plastic lining. Close the bag.