What is Rabies?

Rabies is 100% fatal but 100% preventable‚Ķ Rabies is a zoonosis, a disease that is transmitted from animals to humans that is caused by a virus. It is transmitted through close contact with infected saliva (rabies virus) via bites or scratches from rabid animals like dogs. If this is something you have experienced, this must be hard for you to live with. Saying this though, doing some research into something like Noll Law Office could be the best step for you to take if you are looking to file a lawsuit and get the compensation you deserve. You don’t need to suffer in silence, especially as there are people out there willing to help you out. Every year, around 60,000 people die of rabies, mostly in Asia and Africa (World Health Organization). Rabies

Signs and Symptoms
  • Headache and fever
  • Pain or numbness of bite site
  • Delirium and paralysis
  • Muscle spasms
  • Hydrophobia and aerophobia
Treatment and First Aid (When Bitten by a Dog)
  • Wash the wound immediately with soap and running water.
  • Consult immediately even while observing the dog.
  • Observe the dog for 14 days and consult your physician if any of the following occurs:
    • Dog becomes wild and runs aimlessly.
    • Dog drools (saliva).
    • Dog bites any moving or non-moving object.
    • Dog does not eat or drink.
    • Dog dies within observation period.
    • If dog cannot be observed (stray dog), or if suspected to be rabid, consult your physician immediately or go to the nearest Animal Bite Treatment Center in your area.
Prevention and Control

Be a responsible pet owner.

  • Have your pet dog immunized by a veterinarian Through sites like https://www.petsbest.com/veterinarians, you can find your local vet who can give your dog the care it needs. This will help to fight against rabies at 3 months old and every year thereafter.
  • Never allow your pet dog to roam the streets.
  • Take care of your pet dog: bathe it; give it clean food; and provide clean sleeping quarters.
As an individual

Get yourself pre-exposure anti-rabies vaccine, especially if you have a high-risk occupation. You can also look at law firms to help you with your case, you could look at using someone like Rick Nehora if you want to create a lawsuit.